09 November 2022

ADF Group participates in the Women Energy competition!

ADF Group took part in the competition organised by We Evolen during the

27 October 2022

FOCUS: Between the nuclear sector and the ADF Group, there is a good rapport !

Established through maintenance activities, piping, and robotic projects

20 September 2022

Groupe ADF inaugurates the extension of its boilermaking plant – La Feuillane

We are strengthening our territorial, economic and eco-responsible commi

14 September 2022

Groupe ADF at IAC Paris 2022

30 August 2022

On the road to low-carbon mobility with Groupe ADF

➡ A bold achievement that serves energy conversion

05 August 2022

A not so virtual reality!

25 July 2022

Groupe ADF acquires Amrikart Ultraprecision Inc. in Quebec.

01 July 2022

Investiture of the Safran Nacelles site extension in Morocco

GROUPE ADF was present at the inauguration of the Safran Nacelles site e

30 June 2022

News from French Guiana

Validation of the Test Review Commission (TRC) of the type 1 On-Board/Gr

08 March 2022

Creation of our internal welding school

Groupe ADF strengthens its welding expertise !

25 February 2022

Groupe ADF joins the SpacEarth Initiative team

SpacEarth Initiative, space at the service of life on earth!

22 February 2022

Groufe ADF joins the Trees Everywhere initiative!

We reinforce our social & environmental commitment by joining the 1