After three decades dedicated to developing its expertise for the nuclear industry, ADF Group is raising its standards to better support the development of the nuclear industry. 

At the end of 2022, the Group obtains ISO 19443 certification, an international standard for quality and nuclear safety. 

Stéphane LANGRAND, the Group’s Managing Director, comments: “This certification will have required two years of mobilization to meet the highest standards in the nuclear sector.

This project mobilized the entire company, in the operational, purchasing and supply chain, human resources, and also in our production workshops. 


In concrete terms, this approach has enabled the ADF Group to strengthen its organization and to adopt a graduated approach to the implementation and monitoring of the Group’s nuclear entities according to the risk of each activity carried out. The integration of a Nuclear Safety Expertise has contributed to the consolidation of the appropriation of the specific requirements of the nuclear sector. 

The ISO 19443 certification process has been steered by the Group Quality Department with the support of the internal academy – the OTI – which has led us to train more than 180 people by the end of 2022. “Our ambition is to train all nuclear teams by the end of the first half of 2023,” Stéphane Langrand continues to say. “

This certification clearly positions ADF Group as a trusted partner for new nuclear projects, as well as for operational maintenance.

Groupe ADF is a leading player in turnkey industrial engineering with a turnover of nearly half a billion euros. Its 3,600 employees design, assess and maintain in operational condition the most demanding industrial installations in the energy, aerospace, life sciences, defense and materials sectors. ADF Group is present in six business lines in the nuclear industry (rotating machines, digital intellectual services, valves, boiler making, Turbo Alternator Group and piping and welding) and supports the industry’s manufacturers in Europe.

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