With three decades of experience in these fields, Groupe ADF has profoundly adapted and redesigned its offer to meet the main challenges of its customers, between sovereignty, sustainability and innovation.

In response to changing environmental expectations, which are increasingly demanding in terms of ultra-cleanliness and reliability, we offer integrated solutions with the highest standards of quality and safety.

These solutions are based on a general Industry 4.0 approach and integrate technological components for automation, “man-robot” collaborative work and smart data management. Our objective is to ensure that our customers have a high level of competitiveness.


Our strengths:

  • Our cross-industry experience in driving continual improvement to meet high-level requirements
  • Integration engineering specialised in the automation and connection of technological components
  • Workshops that meet the highest quality standards
  • A programme management methodology that adapts to various project maturation cycles
  • An ecosystem of start-ups under agreement, managed internally by our Galixia laboratory, which supports our digitalisation efforts