For more than 60 years, Groupe ADF has been providing solutions to improve the value of each of its customers. Our teams respond to engineering needs to conceive and design solutions of the future, achieve innovative projects and equipment, and provide daily support for production and maintenance.  

Groupe ADF is conscious of environmental issues and is committed to working with its customers to meet the challenges of climate change and energy transition. Determinedly focused on Industry 4.0, the company has its own start-up called Galixia, which designs and develops innovative digital solutions for physical and digital flows, to offer enhanced services. 

Engineering & Expertise



We offer our customers, in all lines of business, high value-added engineering, expertise and consultancy services that address issues from design to after-sales.


Committed to our customers for over forty years, we understand their business, anticipate their needs and concerns. We innovate and focus our efforts to optimise time and costs in the development of their products.


  • 12 scientific modelling software packages
  • 350 engineers and technicians
  • 5 specialised engineering centres

Industrial projects & Equipment


We carry out multi-trade integration projects (process engineering, architecture and integration, design, manufacturing, assembly and commissioning) for the construction of production units, infrastructures and plants. We design and manufacture production, assembly and test equipment with integrated functions demanded by manufacturers and integrators for their high added value.

We are recognised for our ability to provide innovative turnkey solutions and to carry out complex projects in accordance with the quality, cost and delivery criteria expected. We automate and optimise our customers’ production equipment in order to achieve high production rates while guaranteeing strict compliance with the standards in force.

We support all of our customers in their modernisation and transformation projects, in order to ensure their long-term growth by guaranteeing the highest level of performance, while minimising the impact on their environment.

Production services & maintenance



We provide engineering and intervention services to optimise the performance of our customers’ industrial facilities and sites, enabling them to focus on their core business while ensuring the safety of people and equipment.

By offering a wide range of operational services, from operations to revamp and relocation solutions, we focus on helping our customers to get the most out of their production facilities, to cope with ramp-ups and prevent industrial hazards.


  • 27 maintenance workshops in France and abroad, including 2 level 5 and SAQR-ATEX certifications in mechanics, organised into regional sections
  • A catalogue of operating procedures in various industrial sectors
  • 2 specialised divisions for nuclear maintenance, major shutdowns and industrial cleaning

Digital solutions

Start-up’s ingenuity and agility


Integrated within the ADF Group and benefiting from the operation of a start-up, the GALIXIA Lab brings a digital asset to industrial offers.


For our customers in search of greater competitiveness, Galixia Lab advises, imagines, improves and develops digital and innovative solutions for physical and digital flows.