Groupe ADF supports its customers in the transformation of the energy sector. We are involved in the complete cycles of fossil, nuclear and renewable energy development, from exploration to delivery.

As a result of major restructuring requirements, we are becoming a key player in the manufacture, maintenance, conversion and dismantling of production units, while guaranteeing safety, availability and control of environmental impacts.

With our presence on research and production sites in the nuclear, conventional and renewable energy sectors, we provide targeted solutions to meet the demands of a fast-moving industry.


Our strengths:

  • An engineering department specialising in fossil fuel and decarbonised energy operating structures
  • A nuclear engineering department taking into account the highest standards of nuclear safety
  • An intervention team of 350 PR1/2 (risk prevention) certified employees
  • A specialised and ISO 3834-2 certified plant for the manufacture of nuclear pressure equipment (RCCM)
  • Expertise in rotating machines and ventilation
  • International coverage and intervention resources adapted to Onshore and Offshore environments
  • A certified 1509001, MASE and VCA intervention reference system
  • An ESP N2/N3/NC welding qualification system and a nuclear pressure equipment (RCCM) welding school