Design, manufacture and maintenance - NGV infrastructures


In 2021, Groupe ADF carried out all the work required for KEOLIS Armor to install a NGV refuelling station at the Chantepie bus depot (35).

The natural gas is compressed by two 110 kW compressors to supply 30 slow charge parking spaces and a semi-fast charge space.



Based on its experience and internal developments, Groupe ADF and KEOLIS Armor have jointly deployed an innovative solution of a plug-in dispensing station that meets all the operating constraints (reliability, availability, ergonomics, maintainability, safety and reduced visual impact for local residents).


Delivered in August 2021, the NGV station has started operating and is meeting the expected performances.

It is currently being maintained in operational conditions by our local ADF Côte Ouest teams for an initial period of more than 3 years.



The completion of this project has enabled Groupe ADF to expand its activities and to win, at the end of 2021, a national contract for the deployment of refuelling solutions for Keolis, as well as a new contract for a public and private station in Montgermont (35) with BMGNV35 and Keolis Armor.


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