A revolution in the world of rotary tubes

NOVEXA is the global specialist in wear management for rotary tubes (kilns, grinders, dryers, granulators, diffusers, etc.). Our unrivalled range of services offers a sure-fire alternative to replacing worn and defective parts.

We draw on over 20 years of experience and deliver our services to all types of industry (cement, sugar, chemicals, mining, etc.). NOVEXA has worked on over 600 sites across the globe and has undertaken around 4,000 projects in 70 countries. Given the quality of our inspection reports, NOVEXA is established as a first-rate partner and provides its customers with a decision-making tool.

NOVEXA also delivers an exclusive gear wear monitoring programme – XCase.

All our reprofiling operations are covered by our “5 years extended lifespan” commitment

Our expertise


NOVEXA carries out audits on a daily basis to determine the level of wear of equipment and work needs. Our audits focus on a list of 60 parameters that enable us to quantify equipment criticality level based on a simple, easy-to-interpret colour code.


  • Inspection Pignon/Couronne

    • Profile deformation, hardness
    • Surface defects and impacts
    • Vibrations and temperatures
  • Wear on rollers/tyres

    • Turning, tilting
    • Conicity, flatness, hardness
    • Surface defects and impacts
  • Alignment control/p>

    • Cold with Leica 5005 (3D analysis)
    • Hot with TT tools, shell test


NOVEXA revolutionizes industrial maintenance by offering on-site reprofiling of gears, as well as machining of treads and guide strips.

Our exclusive reprofiling method offers an alternative to replacing or turning over a crown, in record time, without dismantling it.


Our special machining equipment means we can remedy any geometric defects on rollers/tyres without any loss of production.


  • Pinion/crown reprofiling

  • Machining

    • Tyres/rollers
    • Tyre sidewalls and abutment
    • Mill trunnion


NOVEXA has a team of specialized welders. All have a high level of expertise in welding and in gears, which enables us to deliver an exclusive service for repairing broken teeth quickly and sustainably.


Our technicians are also skilled in the key elements of the kinematic chain of rotary tubes, as well as the procedures inherent to the material to be repaired (rise in temperature, mechanical stress, etc.)


  • Teeth overlay work following tooth breakage

  • Air carbon arc cutting

  • Repairing cracks on shell

  • Replacing tangential blades

  • Tyre shimming

    • Rod and semi-automatic welding
    • Reworking initial geometric shapes

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