We believe that anything is possible and are aware of the positive impact we can have together.

Our teams work alongside our customers every day to meet the environmental, human, economic and industrial challenges raised by the expectations of a changing world.

An ambitious recruitment policy
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In 2021, over 300 people were recruited across our businesses to support our growth worldwide.


94% of our recruitments are permanent contracts, we are also strengthening our partnerships with schools preparing for our activities and we welcomed more than one hundred interns and trainees in 2021.


Each year, our ‘Pépinière’ campaign offers our young graduates the opportunity to discover our different businesses and sites in order to immerse them in our core businesses and to guide their career path within Groupe ADF while meeting their professional aspirations.

Groupe ADF is committed to supporting its talents
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We are convinced that the success of our teams depends on the development of each individual’s potential.


Our training organisation, OTI (One Training Institute), QualiOpi certified,  provides tailor-made training suited to each individual career path identified and their role in the development strategy of Groupe ADF.

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Training programmes in our catalogue
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Strength in our diversity

Our values are set out in our Code of Conduct.

We believe that diversity and inclusion are key success factors for businesses and we encourage working environments that respect and build upon differences to obtain great results. With over forty nationalities represented in Groupe ADF, our diversity constitutes an important advantage in our local and international ambitions.

Groupe ADF takes great care to integrate people with disabilities. We strive to propose adapted workstations to enable people with temporary or permanent disabilities to remain active in the workplace. Our Health and Safety and Human Resources departments work in close alignment with our occupational doctors to meet the needs of current and future staff with disabilities. We lead regular disability information and awareness campaigns across the group.

Our 69% M/F gender parity index deserves a boost, hence a dedicated Task Force was set up in 2021. A set of 80 measures to be implemented in the short, medium and long-terms to promote professional equality and the inclusion of women in the industry sector was presented to and adopted by our Board.
Several measures have already been presented to the Corporate Social Committee as part of the mandatory annual negotiations, aimed at reducing wage inequalities, if observed. In addition, an agreement on professional equality was signed to ensure the implementation of these measures as well as monitoring indicators.