Assembly lines, cryogenic arms, launch pad maintenance and operation




As part of the development of the new Ariane 6 launcher, the impact of production and operating infrastructures were included in the preliminary definition phases. The purpose: to guarantee economic performance and growth potential.

In this respect, the integration of the stages and the complete launcher horizontally, as well as the capacity to fill/empty it until the last moments of the pre-launch chronology, were key decisions for the operation.





Groupe ADF’s added value will have been to be a participant in the entire value chain, from the design of the equipment, its manufacture, installation and testing, to its maintenance on the sites.

ADF has offered solutions for the measurement and control of assembly equipment that limit risks and ensure digital continuity.

In order to ease the “scale 1” development phase of the filling interface disconnection systems (CNES), Groupe ADF integrated and carried out the performance tests as close as possible to its production site.
We completed our service offer by digitising the site’s maintenance and operational management.





CNES and ArianeGroup have benefited from the synergies of the whole of Groupe ADF’s expertise.

The co-engineering phases have made it possible to find the most efficient solutions to achieve the desired performance.

Maintenance activities began on the Ariane 5, Soyuz and VEGA facilities in Kourou. After this transition phase and the first qualification launch of the Ariane 6 launch system, we will move on to maintenance and operational activities.


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