Established through maintenance activities, piping, and robotic projects, as well as equipment for the Evolutionary Power Reactor (EPR), Groupe ADF is stepping up its ambition to become a strategic supplier to the nuclear industry.

A genuine opportunity for Groupe ADF, France is embarking on a programme of six EPR2 units. As a catalyst for decarbonisation, nuclear power is now an integral part of tomorrow’s energy mix.

Our development strategy focuses on:

  • The manufacture of boiler equipment for EPRs:
  • Production and assembly of piping systems
  • Partnership building:
  • And moving closer to the nuclear cluster synonymous with high added value.

To this end, our successive investment programmes over the last decade have been designed to:

  • Digitise and automate our manufacturing processes
  • Ensure our products are fully traceable;
  • And automate our production capacities.

Looking ahead, these measures should enable us to involve all of the Group’s businesses and expertise in the development of the sector, enabling us to position ourselves across all calls for tender.

Our client EDf, on the strength of its experience in constructing the Flamanville EPR, is now preparing the French nuclear industry for the challenges of the EPR2 via the «EXCELL» plan.

As an actor in the #nuclear sector, ADF Group is mobilising in the framework of the public debate on the new #EPR2 nuclear reactors and the project at #Penly.
The debate, organised by Commission nationale du débat public (CNDP) is launched this Thursday 27 October and will last 4 months.