Discover the testing process for lemon distillation

ADF Group has expanded its service offering for the Health and Wellness sector following the acquisition of Nature & Technologies a year ago. From its workshops in Grasse, the site designs and manufactures custom-made, high-end global solutions, installed worldwide.

More precisely, Nature & Technologies realizes industrial installations of distillation, rectification, extraction and evaporation of large scale as well as pilot size. The processes transform natural raw materials into essential oils and extracts for the flavour, health, perfume or cosmetic markets.

All our solutions are developed in close collaboration with our customers’ R&D departments.

These processes, designed and implemented by Nature & Technologies teams, allow us to support our customers in their plant extraction projects.

This support starts from the process development phase thanks to the WiNatLab R&D platform. Thereafter, the technical solution developed is put in the hands of a project manager for the study and design. It will then be realized by the workshops.

Would you like to know how the extraction process works? Discover it by watching the video on the right.