We extend our services to the world of cosmetics & perfume!

TOURNAIRE EQUIPEMENT, which joined us in 2021, represents more than 180 years of expertise in the engineering of precious plant materials processing.

These are top-of-the-range global solutions for distillation, extraction and rectification, tailor-made in the workshops of Grasse to meet the demanding markets of cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and food processing.

TOURNAIRE EQUIPEMENT has boosted its development with the implementation of its collaborative test platform, the WitNatLab – a true innovation centre dedicated to natural products concentrating innovative technologies to lead to an industrial, reliable, high-performance solution adapted to every need.

The link with our heritage?
A great opportunity to place our expertise in the design, implementation and maintenance of industrial processes at the heart of natural scents in the city of Grasse.

Once again, Welcome on board TOURNAIRE EQUIPEMENT !