The Canadian agency teams will be opening their doors from 11 to 12 October 2023 !

Our branch in Canada has taken a promising new direction in 2023, a pivotal year marked by changes which continue to strengthen our bases in North America.

The team is proud to announce a $400k (CAD) investment for the renovation of our Brossard premises, thereby demonstrating the momentum that Groupe ADF wishes to instil locally.

This initiative will not only improve our working environment, but will also increase our capacity for new employees, enabling a new stage in our growth.

Our two brands, Amrikart and Latesys, are now supported by a single team with a variety of skills whose combined expertise will allow us to achieve the ambitious targets we have set ourselves.

We are also looking to further diversify in the energy and industry sectors by focusing on our expertise in integration and metrology.

Our team is determined to achieve further success driven by everyone’s commitment and dynamic spirit.