For over a decade, our company has been committed to reducing its environmental footprint. This is reflected in different commitments which themselves are turned into a concrete action plan. In this context, the ISO 14001 certification of all our French sites was a major axis of our “Preserving our planet” pillar.

How did it happen?

During April, the group was audited by the AFNOR certification body for 3 weeks on all our sites.

As regards ISO 14001, the audit focuses on our company’s demonstration of its ability to reduce the environmental impact and environmental risks associated with its activity through concrete actions involving our staff.

What does it bring to the company?

Apart from obtaining the certification, our company’s whole image is changed when it is ISO 14001-certified. In fact, above all it is evidence of a more ethical way of working, increasingly demanded by our customers, which is becoming a selection criterion during calls for tender.

In more practical terms, it means we can be more effective and make ourselves more competitive, but also, above all, that we can restore value in a changing world.