Recruiting talent

Our ambitious recruitment policy comes in step with our international expansion drive. In 2016, we recruited more than 300 people, with a particular focus on nuclear energy and aerospace.

This recruitment strategy has involved strengthening our partnerships with schools preparing students to work in the sectors in which we operate. As a result, we were able to welcome more than 100 young people working as apprentices and interns in our company in 2016.

We focus on increasing the diversity of our teams, notably by encouraging young people to join our company while enhancing the experience of our seniors. We believe having a multicultural environment is an opportunity for the group. Finally, we have been developing a proactive policy and taking practical steps in favor of people with disabilities through recruitment.

Career opportunities

With a presence not only in France but also in 22 countries throughout the world, Groupe ADF aims to develop attractive and motivating career paths: be it alongside our clients or within our teams; in France or abroad. The working environments proposed are varied and enable the construction of a strong skills base.

Supported by a skills development policy and founded on an annual merit-based employee assessment conducted by management, we strive to recognize individual and collective performance, in particular through employee share-ownership and profit-sharing agreements.


Skills development

Groupe ADF set up a training school in 2014 to showcase our know-how and added value to our clients. In 2016, more than 800 trainees received internal training. Overall 50,961 hours of training were provided in 2016. Training courses on key skills accounted for 58% of the budget in 2016.

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