In France, the industrial sector is lacking nearly 7,000 welders. Nevertheless, this profession is essential for strategic industries as nuclear and defense. Therefore, to guarantee that the most skilled workers will bring all their expertise to its customers, the group decided in 2022 to create a welding school in Rognac in the Bouches-du Rhône.

To join the curriculum, prior knowledge of the industry’s professions is not required. People who join us may aim to:

  • Retrain for the profession of welding.
  • Increase skills by mastering high-level welding operations.
  • Refresh techniques and postures to understand high-stakes welding operations.

For the past year, our training organization has had the ambition to train teams, both before and during their careers, in order to retain them and recognize their skills. It is a way for Groupe ADF to achieve a transfer of knowledge from one of its historical activities. The first training session, held from February to July 2022, allowed 70% of the students to be employed in permanent contracts.

A new promotion started the course in early January in order to be certified by summer 2023. The trainees selected had previously completed tests of logic, comprehension of instructions and dexterity. For this first week, the teaching team has decided to discuss the trainees’ behavioral expectations as well as the quality of welding. In the coming weeks, the team of 8 trainees will be able to start practicing.

Groupe ADF invites you in 6 months for the certification of this new welding promotion !