The cornerstone of our client offering

Groupe ADF is positioned to play a key role in the ongoing transition to digital, which is having a huge impact on all company operating processes.

We are constantly adapting to the market, which means aligning our strategy and services to economic reality.

We invest in innovation via basic technological building blocks: 3D printing, smart maintenance (solution developed in-house and deployed by the petrochemical and steel industry majors), and virtual and augmented reality for use in training.

LYNX: preventing and overcoming human error

LYNX was developed by Groupe ADF engineering subsidiary, G2Métric. This innovative automatic vision control system eliminates human error during verification operations. So far, more than 50 orders have been taken worldwide.

For example, LYNX has been installed to control Airbus A320 pavilions where it has reduced control time by 90%, resulting in more efficient processing of non-compliance and a significant reduction in repair and quality shortfalls.

Our maintenance offer goes digital
with Mob-e

Mob-e, the mobile platform developed by the Maintenance Engineering department, gives all of our maintenance staff to access a mobile application (via tablet, smartphone, etc.). Mob-e brings together the management of preventive maintenance, Safety, Environment and Quality, as well as the preparation and execution of works on a single, simplified interface.

The collection of data as near to the ground as possible and the availability of a set of data entry templates and documents (operating procedures, MSDS, plans, etc.), ensures fast, reliable and high quality work.

Human values
& Team commitment
Innovative &
Sustainable Solutions
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